In Conversation: Alex, Technical Designer

We talk with MAES London's very first employee about what makes manufacturing such an exciting role in fashion and the art of problem-solving  

Have you always been interested in fashion? 

Yes, since I was little. My mum used to make most of our clothes and that always inspired me. She taught me how to use a sewing machine and I started making my own clothes when I was a teenager.

You are originally from New Zealand, what inspired you to move to London? 

I felt like I needed a new challenge - the fashion industry is quite small in New Zealand and I knew there would be new opportunities waiting in London.

You were the first employee at MAES London, what drew you to the idea of working at a new manufacturing business?

It was a chance to work with a wide variety of brands, I have also worked with new brands previously, so was familiar with what was entailed. What I enjoy most is that it really feels like a family when you are a part of something from the beginning - you get to see it grow.

What makes MAES London different from other manufacturers?

One aspect that stands out are all the creative minds within the business, I think that really sets us apart by giving us the ability to provide an innovative approach to manufacturing.


Alex 2

What has it been like to see the company grow so quickly? 

It’s been kind of crazy! I did not expect this level of growth in this short space of time. Career-wise, it has been an amazing learning experience for me and really rewarding to see how far we’ve come together.

Can you explain your role at MAES London? 

I am the Technical Designer which means I am the main point of contact for clients during the development and pre-production phases. I work closely with our clients in fittings and technical handovers to ensure that our team is producing beautiful, high quality and on-spec garments in the most efficient and cost-effective 



What do you love about the process of making clothes?

I am fascinated by the technical aspect and problem solving. There are so many ways to construct a garment and we have so much experience in our team, it’s amazing to see those years of experience come out to solve a problem and produce a beautiful garment. 

Your favourite fashion designer?

So many spring to mind! Probably Christophe Lemaire, a French designer who has worked in the past for brands like Mugler and Hermes and heads his own label Lemaire with his partner Sarah-Linh Tran. I love their sense of easy, refined luxury combined with timeless silhouettes, - I’m always a fan of a muted colour palette.

Three things guaranteed to put you in a positive mood? 

Chocolate, a good laugh and Mariah Carey.

A career highlight to date? 

That’s a tough question as there have been so many highs! Moving into our new studio in December last year was one for sure, mostly because it came at the end of a really tough year due to the pandemic. It felt like an incredible achievement that we had still managed to expand.