The List: 2023

As we wrap up the year, bidding farewell to 2023, and embark on the journey into 2024, MAES London takes a moment to reflect on the milestones and memories that defined the past year. It wasn't just about fashion but a celebration of creativity, community, and connection. Join us in unwrapping the highlights of 2023, a chapter filled with engaging panels, exclusive studio events, and the continued flourishing of the cherished relationships we've built with our clients and team! 

Panels & Articles: Insights That Resonate

As the curtains rose on 2022, MAES London played host to a series of illuminating panels and articles. From sustainable fashion dialogues to breaking stereotypes, our panels and articles were a kaleidoscope of insights that ignited the spark of innovation within MAES London. Here is a recap to some articles we've been proud to be featured in: The EstablishedThe Business Standard, Refinery 29, SHOWstudio, UKFT , Vogue Business, Drapers, The Industry Fashion, Prime Video. As we move into 2024, these discussions will remain an integral part of our commitment to staying at the forefront of the dynamic fashion landscape.

 Studio Events: Where Elegance Found its Stage

Our studio events throughout 2023 were more than showcases; they were exclusive events that became immersive experiences, providing a glimpse behind the seams of MAES London's craftsmanship, allowing not only our clients and students, but also had the fortune to host HRH, The Princess Royal to experience the artistry behind every creation. From tours of the factory and studio space to hands-on workshops and lectures, our studio events built a community which was a testament to the dedication, precision, and passion that define MAES London. As we look back, these moments stand out as the heartbeat of our brand, and we're excited to curate even more enchanting experiences in the coming year.

Cherished Clients & Team: A Gratitude-Filled Year

At the core of MAES London is the community we've built—one client, one story, one stitch at a time. The heart and soul of MAES London reside in the relationships we've cultivated with our clients and the close-knit team. Each interaction, fitting and creation is a shared chapter in the MAES London history. 2023 was a year of gratitude as over the past twelve months we created 6,703 garments for 81 clients. We welcomed 46 new clients and 4 new members to our core team! And also added the newest addition to our services, our Gerber plotter, allowing us more flexibility and to be able to digitise patterns! Heading in to the 7th year in business we continue to build connections, understand individual styles, and craft pieces that resonate with the unique stories of those who choose to create with us. Each client is a part of our extended family, and as we close the chapter on 2023, we express our deepest thanks for being part of the MAES London journey.

As we wrap up the retrospective on 2023, MAES London extends heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to our narrative. The panels, studio soirées, and cherished connections are not just highlights; they define the very fabric of MAES London's identity. Here's to a new year filled with limitless possibilities, continued creativity, and the joy of crafting timeless elegance whilst strengthening the bonds that make MAES London more than just a fashion factory—it's a community of style enthusiasts, change makers, innovators, and those who appreciate the artistry of fashion. Thank you for a phenomenal year and being part of the MAES London journey. 


Happy holidays from all of us!